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Local SEO

No customers and sales? It's because no one knows about your business site at all. Get our Local SEO services, get recognized locally, and boost your sales.

E-commerce SEO

There is a myth that Ecommerce works only on paid advertisement. Still, nobody thinks why big e-commerce brands rank well on top positions of search engine result pages organically without any paid advertisement. Well, whoever listens to this thing will get shocked!


Our conversion rate optimization team will help you generate more leads with multiple enhancements to your website.

Web & App Development

To provide you with the best performing development services in the market, Digilexer designers build, develop, test, and maintain Websites, Web Apps, and Mobile Apps in-house.

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Design Services

We have the experience and capabilities to help you with everything you need for your branding, including logo design and website design

Media Buying

We'll help you plan, purchase, and execute data-driven campaigns using Google AdWords, Social Media, and other major platforms.

Lead Generation

For only qualified leads processed with Digilexer's special lead scoring process, we offer our Expert Help.

Reputation Management

Digi Lexer’s experts run their laser-eyes to detect your existing online reputation to figure out the good and bad aspects.

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We are proud to say that our client base includes renowned SMBs and Professionals

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