E-commerce SEO

There is a myth that Ecommerce works only on paid advertisement. Still, nobody thinks why big e-commerce brands rank well on top positions of search engine result pages organically without any paid advertisement. Well, whoever listens to this thing will get shocked!

At Digi Lexer, we help e-commerce store owners to generate sales organically rather than spending thousands of bucks on Paid Ads. Organic sales have a much broader impact and are profitable as compared to paid ads because “Ads stops Sales Stops”  Ecommerce SEO has its long-term benefits such as:

  • Highly targeted returning customers,
  • Ranking on your brand keywords, and
  • Search terms related to your product keywords;
  • E-com store owners will get Consistent sales organically for a more extended time

We can mention a lot more eCommerce SEO benefits. The Digi Lexer’s SEO team will help you achieve these benefits and goals with the best suitable e-commerce SEO campaign for your eCommerce store, doesn’t matter whether it is a digital product, brand, or multi-product store.

What’s Included in Our Ecommerce SEO Services?

  • 1. In-depth Niche analysis
  • 2. Complete on-page SEO
  • 3. Complete off-page SEO
  • 4. Product marketing
  • 5. Product Strategy
  • 6. SWOT analysis
  • 7. PEST analysis
  • 8. Technical SEO
  • 9. Off-page SEO (Link building)
  • 10. Merchant Account Approval
  • 11. Complete Social profiles management
  • 12. Complete outbound marketing (upon request)

Are you an Amazon FBA, eBay/Etsy store owner who needs organic traffic and sales conversion on their leading stores? No worries at all! We are here to assist! We deal with store owners to transfer the right traffic from the side store to their main store from a search engine that enhances your store’s customers, sales, sales conversions, and ROI. We cover All the Ecommerce niches for inspiring entrepreneurs and business owners. Just contact us through email or click on “get a quote” to get back to you within 24 hours!

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